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Booty Bands

Booty bands are resistance loops that are about eight- to 10-inches long. Resistance bands work by creating constant tension in your muscles, keeping them turned on throughout the movements you’re doing. Booty bands are super light and compact, so you can tuck one away in your leggings pocket on your next run to the park, then get in a glute training session while you're there.

Latex Tube Bands

Tube Bands are made from a rubber compound (also contains latex). They are one thick tube of rubber. The bands are naturally tauter.

Loop Band

High end training Resistance Band Fitness Exercise Bands. Great with any exercise workout.Multiple uses. Superior quality

Mesh Resistance Bands

Mesh Resistance bands are stretchy, bright-colored bands that can be used for different types of exercises and workouts. They come in various resistance levels and sizes with various colors to identify the intensity levels. They are easy to carry about and can fit into any backpack for a convenient workout on the go.

Power Band

Power Bands are closed-loop resistance bands. They are much stronger and more durable than other commonly used resistance bands. Power bands can be used for strength and power training, speed and agility training, jumping and plyometric exercises, flexibility, and joint mobility.